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Electronic Journal of e-Learning

Volume 13, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Developing and Testing a Mobile Learning Games Framework

    Carsten Busch, Sabine Claßnitz, Selmanagic & Martin Steinicke

    In 2010 1.1 million pupils took private lessons in Germany, with 25% of all German children by the age of 17 having attended paid private lessons at some point in their school career (Klemm &... More

    pp. 151-166

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  2. Learning via Game Design: From Digital to Card Games and Back Again

    Emanuela Marchetti & Andrea Valente

    In this paper we consider the problem of making design of digital games accessible to primary school children and their teachers, and we argue for the need of digital games that are easy to alter... More

    pp. 167-180

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  3. Scenario Based Education as a Framework for Understanding Students Engagement and Learning in a Project Management Simulation Game

    Morten Misfeldt

    In this paper I describe how students use a project management simulation game based on an attack-defense mechanism where two teams of players compete by challenging each other's projects. The... More

    pp. 181-191

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  4. Dynamic Pervasive Storytelling in Long Lasting Learning Games

    Trygve Pløhn, Sandy Louchart & Trond Aalberg

    Pervasive gaming is a reality-based gaming genre originating from alternative theatrical forms in which the performance becomes a part of the players' everyday life. In recent years much research... More

    pp. 192-204

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