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Electronic Journal of e-Learning

June 2013 Volume 11, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Exploring the Acceptability of Online Learning for Continuous Professional Development at Kenya Medical Training Colleges

    Isaac William Kyalo & Sandra Hopkins

    This study explores the acceptance of online learning (OL) for continuous professional development among lecturers at Kenya Medical Training College in 2009. The large and multi-campus College... More

    pp. 82-90

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  2. Escalating the use of Web 2.0 Technology in Secondary Schools in the United Kingdom: Barriers and Enablers beyond Teacher Training

    Alison Hramiak & Helen Boulton

    This paper reports on research that took place at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), United Kingdom, over two years. The project formed the basis of an... More

    pp. 91-100

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  3. An Intelligent Personalized e-Assessment Tool Developed and Implemented for a Greek Lyric Poetry Undergraduate Course

    Maria Xanthou

    The scope of this paper is to present the development of a web-based evaluation system that adjusts to the level of knowledge of each student. The underlying concept is to split the questions into ... More

    pp. 101-114

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  4. Using Action Research to Investigate Social Networking Technologies

    Lisa Worrall & Katy Harris

    This article outlines the first cycle of an Action Research (AR) investigation into why professional learners are not using the Social Networking Technologies (SNTs) of their bespoke website. It... More

    pp. 115-123

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  5. A Case Study on the Adoption and Use of Synchronous Virtual Classrooms

    Florence Martin, Michele Parker & Beth Allred

    This is a case study of faculty adoption and use of Horizon Wimba Virtual Classroom in online courses at a Southeastern University in the United States. The purpose of this case study was to... More

    pp. 124-138

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  6. Examining Online College Cyber Cheating Methods and Prevention Measures

    James Moten, Alex Fitterer, Elise Brazier, Jonathan Leonard & Avis Brown

    Academic dishonesty in the online cheating environment of distance education learning has gained traction in the past decade. By a few simple keystrokes, students' can find a wide array of... More

    pp. 139-146

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  7. "The Evolution of e-Learning in the Context of 3D Virtual Worlds"

    Theodore Kotsilieris & Nikoletta Dimopoulou

    Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offer new approaches towards knowledge acquisition and collaboration through distance learning processes. Web-based Learning Management Systems (LMS... More

    pp. 147-167

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