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Electronic Journal of e-Learning

February 2013 Volume 11, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Digital Games and the Hero's Journey in Management Workshops and Tertiary Education

    Carsten Busch, Florian Conrad & Martin Steinicke

    Joseph Campbell's Monomyth not only provides a well-proven pattern for successful storytelling, it may also help to guide teams and team leaders through the challenges of change and innovation... More

    pp. 3-15

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  2. Effective Game Based Citizenship Education in the Age of New Media

    Yam San Chee, Swati Mehrotra & Qiang Liu

    Educational systems worldwide are being challenged to respond effectively to the digital revolution and its implications for learning in the 21st century. In the present new media age, educational ... More

    pp. 16-28

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  3. Game-Based Language Learning for Pre-School Children: A Design Perspective

    Bente Meyer

    During the last decade there has been a growing focus on preschool learning within education, especially with regard to the learning of basic literacies such as reading and writing. In addition to ... More

    pp. 39-48

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  4. Children's Problem-Solving in Serious Games: The "Fine-Tuning System (FTS)" Elaborated

    Chinedu Obikwelu, Janet Read & Gavin Sim

    For a child to learn through Problem-Solving in Serious games, the game scaffolding mechanism has to be effective. Scaffolding is based on the Vygotzkian Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) concept ... More

    pp. 49-60

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  5. A Platform Independent Game Technology Model for Model Driven Serious Games Development

    Stephen Tang, Martin Hanneghan & Christopher Carter

    Game-based learning (GBL) combines pedagogy and interactive entertainment to create a virtual learning environment in an effort to motivate and regain the interest of a new generation of "... More

    pp. 61-79

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