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Journal of Interactive Media in Education

2016 Volume 2016, Number 1

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Number of articles: 14

  1. Analytics4Action Evaluation Framework: A Review of Evidence-Based Learning Analytics Interventions at the Open University UK

    Bart Rienties, Avinash Boroowa, Simon Cross, Chris Kubiak, Kevin Mayles & Sam Murphy

    There is an urgent need to develop an evidence-based framework for learning analytics whereby stakeholders can manage, evaluate, and make decisions about which types of interventions work well and ... More

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  2. Remote Live Invigilation: A Pilot Study

    Mariana Lilley, Jonathan Meere & Trevor Barker

    There has been a growth in online distance learning programmes in Higher Education. This has led to an increased interest in different approaches to the assessment of online distance learners,... More

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  3. Learning Design, Social Ontology and Unintended Functionalism in Education Projects

    Mark William Johnson

    For many years there have been well-funded project opportunities for developing educational innovations, both pedagogical and technological, to fulfil the educational ambitions of national... More

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  4. "Talking Point"--Flexible Targeted Online Staff Development That Works

    Anne Campbell

    The UK Open University has a large, highly distributed workforce, particularly within its part-time teaching staff who work mainly from home and who live across the UK and Ireland. In these... More

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  5. Students' Satisfaction with a Blended Instructional Design: The Potential of "Flipped Classroom" in Higher Education

    Núria Hernández Nanclares & Mónica Pérez Rodríguez

    This paper aims to discuss the impact on promoting student satisfaction and improving their involvement in their own learning when applying a "Flipped classroom" design in a first-year... More

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  6. Investigating University Educators' Design Thinking and the Implications for Design Support Tools

    Sue Bennett, Shirley Agostinho & Lori Lockyer

    All university educators perform design work as they prepare and plan learning experiences for their students. How such design work is undertaken, conceptualised, and optimally supported is the... More

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  7. A Deeper Understanding of Reuse: Learning Designs, Activities, Resources and Their Contexts

    Sandra Wills & Chris Pegler

    This paper positions discussion of learning designs in the broad context of reuse and repurpose. It proposes that not enough attention has been given to the "purpose" of reuse and the... More

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  8. A Framework for Adaptive Learning Design in a Web-Conferencing Environment

    Matt Bower

    Many recent technologies provide the ability to dynamically adjust the interface depending on the emerging cognitive and collaborative needs of the learning episode. This means that educators can... More

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  9. Transdisciplinary Pedagogical Templates and Their Potential for Adaptive Reuse

    Eva Dobozy & James Dalziel

    This article explores the use and usefulness of carefully designed transdisciplinary pedagogical templates (TPTs) aligned to different learning theories. The TPTs are based on the Learning Design... More

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  10. The Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design

    James Dalziel, Grainne Conole, Sandra Wills, Simon Walker, Sue Bennett, Eva Dobozy, Leanne Cameron, Emil Badilescu-Buga & Matt Bower

    The Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design arose from a 2012 meeting of experts in Larnaca, Cyprus who sought to provide a new theoretical foundation for the field of Learning Design, based on a... More

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  11. Open Educational Practices and Attitudes to Openness across India: Reporting the Findings of the Open Education Research Hub Pan-India Survey

    Leigh-Anne Perryman & Tim Seal

    In recent years India has shown a growing appetite for open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices (OEP). Despite this, there is a paucity of research on OER use and impact, the... More

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  12. A Federated Reference Structure for Open Informational Ecosystems

    Richard Heinen, Michael Kerres, Gianna Scharnberg, Ingo Blees & Marc Rittberger

    The paper describes the concept of a federated ecosystem for Open Educational Resources (OER) in the German education system. Here, a variety of OER repositories (ROER) (Muuß-Merholz &... More

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  13. Opening Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS)

    Pete Cannell, Anna Page & Ronald Macintyre

    OEPS is a cross-sector project led by the Open University in Scotland (OUiS) and funded by the Scottish Funding Council. The project began in late spring 2014 and runs until the end of July 2017.... More

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  14. Co-Curate: Working with Schools and Communities to Add Value to Open Collections

    Simon Cotterill, Martyn Hudson, Katherine Lloyd, James Outterside, John Peterson, John Coburn, Ulrike Thomas, Lucy Tiplady, Phil Robinson & Phil Heslop

    Co-Curate North East is a cross-disciplinary initiative involving Newcastle University and partner organisations, working with schools and community groups in the North East of England. Co-curation... More

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