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ED-MEDIA 2008--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications

Jun 30, 2008


Joseph Luca; Edgar R. Weippl

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  1. Teacher Satisfaction and Teacher Performance in Online Staff Development Courses

    Jill Urquhart, Carolyn Callahan, Tammy Scot & Christine Reed, University of Virginia, United States

    Project LOGgED ON is an on-going project supported by the U.S. Department of Education that has two initiatives, a.) to provide online case based professional development for teachers in gifted... More

    pp. 545-552

  2. Portal and Repository for sharing Mathematical Learning Objects

    Piet van der Zanden, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; Hans Cuypers, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

    Now the Virtual Learning Environments are common within higher education in the Netherlands it is time to work with online validated informational resources. Technologies such as repositories are... More

    pp. 553-561

  3. Learning Objects in Education - Making Videos as an International Co-operation

    Tuulikki Viitala & Pirjo-Liisa Lehtelä, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland; John Hughes, State University of New York, Empire State College, United States

    The concept of learning objects has received considerable attention in the educational community. Learning objects are digital materials, for example graphics, audio, animation and interactive... More

    pp. 562-567

  4. Addressing Course Accessibility through Collaboration and Technology

    Rose Leigh Vines, California State University, Sacramento, United States; Jane Bruner, California State University, Stanislaus, United States

    Abstract: A model for student access to required specialty courses not available locally has resulted in a potential best practice for the California State University (CSU) system. Faculty from... More

    pp. 568-573

  5. Empowering Children as Participants in Designing Resilience Strengthening Online Tools

    Oksana Zelenko & Jillian Hamilton, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

    In the field of mental health, a range of interactive games, quizzes and online activities has been developed. Visual and interaction design plays a vital role in determining their appeal, levels... More

    pp. 574-584

  6. Making Efficient Use of Open Educational Resources Using a Multi-Layer Metadata Approach

    Birgit Zens & Peter Baumgartner, University Krems, Austria

    Repositories of educational content enable a worldwide exchange of learning resources and support an economic use of existing materials. Metadata provide information describing objects and are... More

    pp. 585-588

  7. Online graduate program in Instructional Technology

    Ke Zhang & Timothy Spannaus, Wayne State University, United States

    This session will showcase a successful experience of completely online graduate programs in Instructional Technology at Wayne State University, USA. The success of the program may be observed in... More

    pp. 589-590

  8. Teaching and University Teaching; Nigeria Example

    Adeniyi Adeyemi & Olabisi Oribabor, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

    Teaching as a concept has been defined variously by various scholars. The main thrust of this paper is to examine various definitions of teaching, examine phases of teachers in Nigeria context,... More

    pp. 591-600

  9. Hybrid Course Opportunities: Investigating Two Undergraduate Courses for Future Teachers

    Ivana Batarelo, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia; Terri Kurz, California State University, Bakersfield, United States

    This paper investigates the use of the hybrid format in two different undergraduate courses in teacher education using action research methods. The content of the first course included an overview ... More

    pp. 601-608

  10. Online Course Design: A Case Study

    Sharon Dole & Lisa Bloom, Western Carolina University, United States

    This case study uses the How People Learn (HPL) framework as the conceptual model to examine a course in a teacher licensure program for evidence of higher level learning outcomes that involve... More

    pp. 609-617

  11. Strategies for Networked Learning in Social Science Education

    Philipp Budka, Elke Mader, Elisabeth Anderl & Johann Stockinger, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna, Austria

    The e-learning project “Strategies for Networked Learning” ( aims to develop strategies to include selected online learning tools, methods, and technologies... More

    pp. 618-628

  12. Education in Motion: Innovating with iPods

    Rebecca Clothey & Cory Schmitt, Drexel University, United States

    iPods have become a ubiquitous medium for listening to music, watching movies, carrying photos and more. A large majority of college students already have and use an iPod on a daily basis. It is ... More

    pp. 629-639

  13. A virtual environment for a plan of equality gender in a municipality: a collaborative work through the Let Me Learn® system.

    Annachiara Del Prete, Rovira and Virgili University, Italy; Laura Villamizar, University of Pamplona, Colombia; Mercè Gisbert, Rovira and Virgili University, Spain

    This paper explains the process of design, implementation and evaluation of a virtual environment made with the aim of the creation of a Plan of Equality Gender for one Municipality with 130.000 ... More

    pp. 640-643

  14. Return-on-Knowledge (ROK) of an e-Learning Support Unit: A Quali-Quantitative Approach

    Jill Fresen & Hans Boon, University of Pretoria, South Africa

    Measuring the Return-on-Investment (ROI) in learning and development in general is becoming a topical issue, particularly in the case of e-learning, or ICT-enhanced learning. Although the interest ... More

    pp. 644-653

  15. A Promotion for Verification between Source and News Media

    Toru Fukumoto, National Institute for Educational Policy Research, MEXT, Japan

    The practice aimed that a student critically read and solved the information of a media so that they raised media literacy. They got a primary material that the press release of a company,... More

    pp. 654-659

  16. Sabbaticals for Technology Integration

    Catherine Fulford, Celia Main-Anakalea & Rachel Boulay, University of Hawaii, United States

    This study focused the Technology Intensive Enhancement Series (TIES), at the University of Hawaii, a program meant to develop technology proficient teachers who mentored others in infusing... More

    pp. 660-669

  17. Designing Online Learning Communities for Higher Education: Possibilities and Limits of Moodle

    Patrizia Ghislandi, Antonio Mattei, Daniela Paolino & Alice Pellegrini, University of Trento, Italy; Francesco Pisanu, IPRASE, Italy

    Since February 2007 the labINDIA - laboratorio Innovazione Didattica Accademica (i.e. Innovation in Higher Education laboratory) of the University of Trento' participates to a National Interest... More

    pp. 670-678

  18. A Formative Analysis of Student Perceptions of the Standards-Based Digital Portfolio on Student Learning in Educational Leadership Preparation Programs at Two Private Urban Universities in the U.S.A.

    Gregory Hauser, Roosevelt University, United States; Alan Jones, Saint Xavier University, United States

    This paper reports the preliminary findings of a formative evaluation of student perceptions of the impact of the standards-based digital portfolio on learning in the Educational Leadership... More

    pp. 679-681

  19. Driving Test Success: Producing Instructional 3D Animation Aimed at Passing a Driving Test.

    Gray Hodgkinson, Massey University, New Zealand

    Driving Test Success is an instructional DVD containing over 60 minutes of 3D animation aimed at helping applicants pass their automobile driving test. It includes a variety of camera angles ... More

    pp. 682-684

  20. Standards-based Digital Portfolios in Educational Leadership Programs: Lessons from the Field

    Gregory Hauser, Roosevelt University, United States; Alan Jones, Saint Xavier University, United States

    During this session presenters will demonstrate best practices associated with the use of standards-based digital portfolios in graduate programs in Educational Leadership at two universities in... More

    p. 685