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Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Meeting

August 1996

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Table of Contents

Number of papers: 7

  1. Going Digital at College Newspapers: The Impact of Photo Credibility and Work Routines

    James D. Kelly

    A study used a diffusion of innovation approach to examine the adoption of digital imaging technology at daily college newspapers and to gauge its effect on student journalists' attitudes about the... More

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  2. CMC and Ethnic Communities: A Case Study of Chinese Students' Electronic Publications

    Kewen Zhang & Xiaoming Hao

    This paper presents a case study exploring the impact of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) on the formation of ethnic social groups, or communities, by examining the case of Chinese students in... More

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  3. Communication, Technology, and the Formation of Scientific Communities

    Usha Raman

    New technologies of communication and information representation have almost always had an impact on the conduct of social and organizational life, sometimes creating new linkages, strengthening... More

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  4. Look Who's Talking: A Pilot Study of the Use of Discussion Lists by Journalism Educators and Students

    Mark Pearson

    A study analyzed postings over a week-long period to two electronic discussion lists to position them as communication forms and to assess their potential value to journalism educators, students... More

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  5. Going Online To Teach Journalism and Mass Communication

    Morgan David Arant

    A study examined the use of online computer resources by students and educators in journalism and mass communication programs. Heads of 200 journalism and mass communication programs at member... More

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  6. Do Professors Dream of Electric Sheep? Academic Anxiety about the Information Age

    Eleanor M. Novek

    Having automated many professions, computers may now be used to downsize higher education. How do professors respond to this concern? A survey at a small branch of a northeastern university... More

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  7. Legibility of Sans Serif Type for Use as Body Copy in Computer Mediated Communication

    Joel Geske

    A study examined type legibility on computer screens to determine type styles and type sizes that are most legible. Subjects, 107 college students, tested legibility of Helvetica type in 3... More

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