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International Conferences on Education Technologies (ICEduTech) and Sustainability, Technology and Education (STE)

December 2014

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Number of papers: 28

  1. Work-Integrated Learning with Work-Integrated Learners

    Martin Gellerstedt & Tobias Arvemo

    The digital era gives many new opportunities for higher education. Especially online education makes it possible to reach new groups of students like, for instance, full time working professionals.... More

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  2. Mobile-Assisted Second Language Learning: Developing a Learner-Centered Framework

    Choy Khim Leow, Wan Ahmad Jaafar Wan Yahaya & Zarina Samsudin

    The Mobile Assisted Language Learning concept has offered infinite language learning opportunities since its inception 20 years ago. Second Language Acquisition however embraces a considerably... More

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  3. Training Pre-Service Chinese Language Teachers to Create Instructional Video to Enhance Classroom Instruction

    Lih-Ching Chen Wang & Ming-Chian Ken Wang

    Foreign language instruction is a complex and challenging task made even more so by situations in which the learner's native language is radically different from the foreign language being mastered... More

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  4. WIKI-Enhanced Scaffolding to Encourage Student Participation in a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Classroom

    Chun-Yi Lin

    Given the fact that more and more universities stress on using English as medium to teach students with diverse backgrounds, the content and language integrated learning approach (CLIL) is now... More

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  5. Using Project-Based Learning and Google Docs to Support Diversity

    Amy Leh

    A graduate course, ETEC543 ("Technology and Learning I"), was revised to better serve increasing new student population, international students, in an academic program. Project-based... More

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  6. Stoic Behavior Hypothesis in Hint Seeking and Development of Reversi Learning Environment as Work Bench for Investigation

    Kazuhisa Miwa, Kazuaki Kojima & Hitoshi Terai

    Tutoring systems provide students with various types of on-demand and context-sensitive hints. Students are required to consciously adapt their help-seeking behavior, proactively seek help in some ... More

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  7. Alternative Assessment Methods Based on Categorizations, Supporting Technologies, and a Model for Betterment

    Marion G. Ben-Jacob & Tyler E. Ben-Jacob

    This paper explores alternative assessment methods from the perspective of categorizations. It addresses the technologies that support assessment. It discusses initial, formative, and summative... More

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  8. The Integrated Framework of College Class Activities--Using Learn Mode with the Introduction of Educational Technology as an Example

    Chia-Ling Tsai & David Tawei Ku

    This paper takes the undergraduate course "The Introduction of Educational Technology" as an example, and carries out the practice based on the application of Learn Mode. In Taiwan, there... More

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