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EdMedia 2017

Jun 20, 2017


Joyce P. Johnston

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  1. Activity Theory and Interactive Design for the African Storybook Initiative

    Alan Amory, Saide, South Africa

    This research is about a redesign of the online and mobile app African Storybook (ASb) initiative services that support the creation of openly licensed storybooks for Africa. This redesign was... More

    pp. 303-312

  2. Cooperative Learning and Web 2.0: A Social Perspective on Critical Thinking

    Rae C. Schipke, Central Connecticut State University, United States

    This article discusses how cooperative learning as a socioinstructional approach, relates to both socially-based emerging technologies (i.e. Web 2.0) and to critical thinking with respect to co... More

    pp. 455-464

  3. Teacher Perspectives on Technology Integration Professional Development: Formal, Informal, and Independent Learning Activities

    Monty Jones, Virginia Commonwealth University, United States; Sara Dexter, University of VIrginia, United States

    This mixed-methods study examined the technology integration learning activities of four teachers throughout one year using weekly quantitative surveys and a series of three qualitative individual ... More

    pp. 566-577

  4. Reasons why some university students avoid the online learning environment in blended courses.

    Robert Ellis, University of Sydney, Australia, Australia; Feifei Han, University of Sydney, Australia

    Integrating an online component into a university course is typically done to improve the student experience. However the intent of the teacher’s blended design may not always align to the students... More

    pp. 768-777

  5. Educational Effects of a Virtual Reality Simulation System for constructing Self-Built PCs

    Shogo Teranishi & Yoshio Yamagishi, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan

    Recently, virtual reality (VR) has attracted much attention. We have developed a VR learning application that simulates the process of constructing a self-built PC. Users can virtually experience... More

    pp. 1214-1222

  6. The Challenges and Benefits of Regular Face-to-Face Interactions at Large-Scale Blended Learning Courses

    David Sichau & Lukas Fässler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

    One of the challenges of large-scale blended-learning courses is to provide individual feedback to the students. This paper describes an approach where a large-scale online course is combined with ... More

    pp. 1276-1285

  7. InteractiveWall 3.1 - Formal and Non-Formal Learning at School with Web-3.0-based Technology in Front of Large Multi-touch Screens

    Thomas Winkler & David Bouck-Standen, Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems, University of Luebeck, Germany; Martina Ide, Institute for Quality Development in Schools in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Alexander Ohlei & Michael Herczeg, Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems, University of Luebeck, Germany

    This paper focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of the InteractiveWall 3.1 (IW), which supports formal and non-formal learning in primary and secondary schools. With the third... More

    pp. 1317-1326